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There has been a pile of denim jeans growing in my closet for years.  They have been patiently waiting to become something new.  For a few pairs, their wait is over.  No longer jeans, they have been transformed into a floor pillow.

I cut the jeans legs apart and then cut the legs into strips.  The strips were sewn together into one large piece of fabric, about 30 x 60 inches.  I folded fabric in half, sewed up three sides and half of the fourth side.  Then it was on to the stuffing!


Because this project is all about repurposing, I decided to use old pillows from Goodwill to get the stuffing for my new pillow.  Overall I think this was a good idea.  It was an inexpensive way to get the stuffing I needed and I just plain like the idea of transforming something old and smelling of Goodwill into something new that doesn’t smell.

Pillows from the Goodwill

Now to be fair, the smell wasn’t baaad.  It was just the usual musty and dusty sort of smell you expect from getting something second hand.  So, I decided to do some washing.

While working on this project, I learned one very important thing.  When a little voice inside you offers some useful advice, it is usually a good idea to follow it.  But alas like Alice I too give myself very good advice and very seldom follow it.

Pillow guts

The very wise little voice told me, “You should divide the stuffing up into pillowcases and tie those pillowcases shut before putting them in the washing machine.”

The finished floor pillow.

Alas, I did not listen.  The first batch of stuffing came out fine.  So in went the second batch.
The second batch killed my washing machine.

The machine was overheating and would not drain.  After emptying the machine, I rather sheepishly went to the management office to put in a maintenance request.  Thankfully, the wonderful folks who take care of maintenance in my apartment were able to come to my rescue and resuscitate the machine that I was sure I had killed.

So, should you attempt this project, listen to that little voice giving you good advice.  That voice knows what it’s talking about.