Well, hello! Merry Holidays!

So it's been awhile, and given the time of year, I smell a resolution for more regular posts coming. We'll see how that works out 😉

Since we last met, my husband and I moved across country. It was a big, exciting, scary endeavor moving from Maryland to the ever so lovely San Francisco Bay Area. I love being in this part of the country! For one thing, as I write this on Christmas Eve, I have the windows open to let the air in and earlier, I was able to take a walk without an excessive amount of outerwear. Just a sweater. Just. A. Sweater. I grew up in Connecticut, and winter is serious business out there.

We saw some interesting things during our travels.

An abandoned farmhouse in Iowa. Photo by Jay Latman

Closed Today. Photo by Jay Latman

A Windmill Blade

Windmill blade - these things are so huge!

Boothill Cowboy. Photo by Jay Latman

Mountains in Utah. Photo by Jay Latman

Mountains in Utah. Photo by Jay Latman

The Salt Flats in Utah. Photo by Jay Latman

Mountains! And clouds...

The clouds are suddenly ominous.

Trying to out run the storm.

Almost out of it...

We made it over the mountain and through the storm.

The Pacific Ocean! Half Moon Bay, CA. Photo by Jay Latman

So I've spent the last several months learning my way around, making our new apartment “home”, and looking for and thankfully finding work. Even after several months of being here, I still look around me and say “Ohmigosh, I live here!” I am truly blessed to be in this beautiful place and it is indeed, a wonderful life.