The Notes and Knots in my Life

This blog is dedicated to three things that I simply can not do without.  Music, whether it is playing, singing or listening; the smell of something delicious finding it’s way from the oven to my nose, and a bit of yarn or fabric to keep my hands busy when the rest of me is sitting still.

One of my favorite memories is of singing with my family.  Yes like the Partridge family.  Except that we weren’t on TV.  There is nothing like the feeling of multiple voices joining in song and having even just a moment of perfect harmony.  I also play the flute and make noise on whatever other instruments I can get my hands on.  Right now, the mandolin is my favorite.  Sometimes it almost sounds like music.

Baking is another of my favorite pastimes.  There is no other smell in the Universe so wonderful as the smell of baking bread.  Something about bread is magical for me, when I make bread, my home feels somehow cozier.  It’s like an edible hug.

On the crafty side, I love to knit and sew.  Knitting is somewhat of a new craft for me.  I started knitting about two years ago.  My favorite thing about knitting is working up a steady rhythm, feeling the yarn move through my fingers and watching my project grow.  When I was little, my mother taught me to sew.  At the time I had a love hate relationship with sewing.  I liked making pretty things.  I did not like pricking my fingers. Thankfully, since then, my fingers have toughened up and I’ve grown to love manipulating bits of fabric into something that is not only functional but beautiful as well.



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